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Shipborne Beidou dual-mode antenna



Product Description:

1, receiving antenna low elevation gain, low noise factor, to ensure stable positioning, communication functions;

2, open the power amplifier does not affect the reception of S and B3, the output power is stable and reliable;

3, built-in metal cavity filter, improve transmit-receive isolation and reduce emission spurious;

4, the antenna shell is fully sealed, meet the requirements of IP67, can work in the outdoor harsh environment for a long time;

5, the antenna has anti-ultraviolet, anti-sun exposure, anti-temperature changes, etc., suitable for complex Marine environment.

Electrical Specifications:

Passive antenna:

Frequency Range(MHz):B3:1268.52±10.23、L:1615.68±4.0、S:2491.75±8.16

Polarization:B3/ S:RHCP、L:LHCP

Gain(dBi):B3: ≥4(elevation90°)、≥-2.5(elevation20°)、S:≥2.5(elevation90°)、≥-2.5(elevation20°)、L:≥-2(elevation20°)、3≤G≤6(elevation90°)

Low noise amplifier:

Frequency Range(MHz):B3:1268.52±10.23、S:2491.75±8.16


Rejection (dB):≥50@S(2510-2655MHz,1880-2470MHz)、≥45@B3(1268.52+/-50MHz)、≥80@S,B3(1615.68+/-4.08MHz)


Anti Burning(W):≥2

Power amplifier:  

]Frequency Range(MHz):1615.68±4.08


Voltage(V):28V±1.5 (When tested+28 V)


PA ON Voltage(V) :23V±1

Rejection(dB):1MHz ~ 18GHz emission and spurious emission should be at least 85 dB lower than the fundamental level except for the second and third harmonics. The second and third harmonics should be 70 dB lower than the fundamental level

Environmental Characteristics:

Wet and heat: meet the relevant requirements of GJB 150.9A-2009 "wet and heat test" ship

Salt spray: Meet the relevant requirements of GJB 150.11A-2009 "salt spray test" ships

Waterproof: Meet the test requirements of 1 meter flood depth and 30 minutes

Vibration test: meet the relevant requirements of GJB 150.16A-2009 "vibration test" ships

Impact: Meet the relevant requirements of the GJB 150.18A-2009 "impact test" ship

Electromagnetic compatibility: In line with the relevant requirements of GJB 151A-1997 for RS103 2MHz-18GHz electric field radiation sensitivity ship, RE103 1MHz-18GHz antenna harmonic and spurned output radiation emission regulations

Mechanical Specifications:






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