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【 Happy News 】 Congratulations on the success of our trademark registration!

2023-11-24 16:45:45

       Warmly congratulate our company successfully obtained the "trademark registration certificate" issued by the State Intellectual Property Office, which also means that our company is further protected in the field of trademark registration.

      Through our many years of efforts and continuous sublimation, the scope of business is expanding day by day, customer reputation is constantly improving, the company in order to achieve brand strategy and adapt to the needs of market development, so applied for a registered trademark. This can not only improve the company's brand and market awareness, but also prevent the occurrence of trademark infringement, so as to effectively protect our trademark.

       In the future, our company will work harder to maintain the reputation of the brand, continue to innovate independently, and constantly improve customer satisfaction, so that the value of the trademark will continue to improve and create new brilliance!



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